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7D6N Kochi Semi Free Travel Itinerary

Kochi people hearts are as warm as the fiery heat of summer. When you drink with them you can become friends with anyone. They value both their neighbors and people that they meet for the first time. In Kochi the connections between people, which are becoming lost in cities, are very much alive. Kochi Prefecture is just like one big family. Please come and enjoy Kochi, and feel the warmth of Kochi family.


Unagi Rice & Sushi

Unagi is an endangered species in many places in the world. However, you can still find it in rivers in Kochi. Perhaps the most popular comes from the Shimanto River. Every unagi restaurant in Kochi has its own recipe to bring out the best flavor.


Yuzu is one of the fruits represent Kochi. It is essential for Japanese cooking.

Yuzu is used in many processed foods such as yuzu ponzu sauce, salad dressing and soft drinks. Its unusual flavor makes yuzu vinegar very popular in Kochi as a dressing for fish or mixed with soy bean paste and grated radish. It is also used for making sushi and cosmetic products.


How people in Kochi drink?

Kochi has an interesting culture related to drinking that has been passed down through the generations. This section introduces you to the way people drink at Okyaku, where various drinks are served. The local sake of Kochi is low in sugar and acidity with a smooth, dry taste. Kochi has 18 Japanese Sake breweries. The brewers make Japanese Sake using local water and traditional techniques and methods passed down from generation to generation. Join us for the experience!

Cheerful & Energetic Yosakoi Dance

The Yosakoi Festival is an annual summer event for people in Kochi. Many teams participate in the events, each wearing unique costume, using unique music and choreography. The energetic Yosakoi Dance spread from Kochi all over Japan. Yosakoi Dance is performed at more than 200 events and festivals around the country and this year we bring them to Singapore! Join us for the dance!

Program & Activities

– 1 hour Cooking Demo by Japanese Chef (weekends 19, 20, 26 & 27 October); planning to have 4 different dish

– 1 hour Making of Kochi Shimbun Bag (Newspaper Bag) (weekends 19, 20, 26 & 27 October)

– Lucky draw prize 7D6N Kochi Tour (family of 4)

– 500 Goodie Bags (while stock last)

– Yosakoi Dance performance (weekends 19, 20, 26 & 27 October)

– Drinking games (daily) win prizes